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We are happy to help with any questions about your order, Delivery and all other concerns.
The most common customer questions we have put together for you so that you will receive a proposed solution . If your request could not be answered , then please write to us via the contact form or call us.

Everything about the order:

How can I cancel an order?Details
You can cancel your order at any time within 14 days . The revocation must be in writing . Not later than 14 days after receipt of the article.
Can I be sure that you have received my online order?Details
We will send your order immediately a confirmation e -mail . If you have not received this , please contact us .
What is a customized size?Details
For our complete range of leather garments is the possibility of customization. Here, the desired leather item is individually cut to your body measurements . This gives you perfectly fitting leather clothing that leaves a jealous so many .

Order Process:
  1. Order through our online shop - Here even special requests can be entered .
  2. Receipt of order confirmation and during the day you will receive your dimension sheet to enter your measurements
  3. After you have sent us the dimension sheet back , we manufacture according to your measurements
  4. Shipping your custom size after 4-6 weeks
Can I look at the product and buy locally ?Details
Unfortunately, there is no way to look at our products on the spot , because we only deliver by mail . A special shop where you can find our currently available products , we do not lead . Please feel free to contact us again for this purpose in writing or by phone .

Everything about the delivery:

What shipping costs?Details
You pay per order and delivery address only a small shipping charge for a packet forwarding or delivery . By using the express delivery or cash on delivery additional premiums incurred . >> Shipping & Returns
To which address I can have it delivered my order?Details
  • Delivery to your billing address
    If selected, your goods will be sent to the same address as the bill .
  • Delivery to different delivery addresses
    If the goods should always be sent to a different from the billing address address , you can search for your first order in the " View or change my address book " specify another address " My Account " area under . This will then automatically be displayed in subsequent orders in the order route.
How long does a delivery?Details
Available items are shipped umegehnd generally . ( Normally a maturity Package National : 2-3 business days)
I want to leave my order delivered to a packing stationDetails
We are happy to deliver your order to a packing station . It is important to choose the shipping method " DHL Paket "
Can I get my ordered items as total supply ?Details
If items have different delivery times , there is generally the possibility to make a complete delivery . Otherwise, partial deliveries are made .
Can I track my order ?Details
Yes, after your order has been shipped you will automatically receive an email with which you can track the parcel with a tracking number .

General questions:

How do I become a customer ?Details
With your first order at Fetish design you are automatically a regular customer . Just choose your products with us , and place them in the cart. After completion of the order and if you are new customer, you get notified with the first delivery on the invoice your customer number .
How do I rate products ?Details
We are eager to hear your opinion about your purchased product . They help you with your evaluation other customers your purchase and us . In the further development of our products

  • Where can I read the reviews of others?
    Directly on the product page of your desired article, see " Customer Reviews " the opinions of other users . No comments available yet or you want to even comment on this ? Just click the " Post a customer review " on .
  • How can I comment on this ?
    Just click the " Post a customer review " on . Now you can directly leave your feedback. Tell us your opinion , what did you like about the product purchased and what could be better . Especially valuable for our customers are reviews with information about the quality and appearance of the product for any occasion you have bought the product and whether the product has fulfilled your expectations . In addition, you can evaluate the product with Stars 1 to 5 Where 5 stars is the best rating .
    Then click " Next " and your vote will be sent to us . Your rating is then passed through a moderation process , which checks whether your evaluation meets the Terms of Use , ie e.g. the prices of other retailers are included . Usually your review will be published by no later than 3 business days on the product page .

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